First Symphony

​​​1. March of the Resistance

Spring 2020 Rehearsal Schedule

Downton Abbey - The Suite

Fanfare - La Peri

​​Gracenotes Community Orchestra

Spring 2020 Practice Files

5. The Jedi Steps and Finale

Mukwonago Wisconsin

2. Rey's Theme

3. Scherzo for X-Wings

Adante e Rondo Ungarese

1/28                   7-9pm           Hillside Community Church

2/4                    7-9pm           Mukwonago High School
2/11                  7-9pm           Mukwonago High School
2/18                  7-9pm           Mukwonago High School
2/25                  7-9pm           Mukwonago High School

3/3                    7-9pm           Park View Middle School
3/10                  7-9pm           Mukwonago High School
3/17                  Cancelled

All spring rehearsals and concerts have been cancelled.