Upcoming Performances

Mukwonago, Wisconsin

If you're eager to elevate your playing to the next level and are willing to dedicate time to practicing between rehearsals, we warmly invite you to join our ensemble. To join, start by expressing your interest by clicking on the JOIN button above:

Additionally,  be prepared to commit to regular rehearsals and dedicate time to individual practice, as we believe that consistent effort is essential for personal and ensemble growth. We are excited to meet talented brass players like you and embark on a musical journey that will take your skills to new heights.


Welcome to the captivating world of the brass choir, where the resonant melodies of brass instruments blend together to create an extraordinary musical experience. The newly formed Gracenotes Brass Choir is a harmonious ensemble that brings together talented musicians who are passionate about the rich and vibrant sound of brass instruments. With a diverse repertoire that ranges from classical masterpieces to contemporary compositions, our ensemble showcases the versatility and power of brass music. Whether it's the majestic notes of the trumpet, the warm tones of the French horn, the agile melodies of the trombone, or the deep resonance of the tuba, Gracenotes Brass Choir captivates audiences with its dynamic performances and breathtaking arrangements. Join us on the ground floor of our exhilarating musical journey and let the enchanting sounds of the brass choir elevate your spirits and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Mukwonago Public Library

July 17th    6:45-7:45pm

Chapel @ St John's Military Academy

​December 15th, 7-9pm